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Peace of Mind

“Five years ago, we realized that our Dad needed more assistance with his daily activities than we were able to provide. He had multiple medical conditions, including Parkinson’s Disease, and had to take medication 6-7 times a day. At the time, we didn’t realize that he was having difficulty managing his medications independently; he was getting his meds and their timing mixed up, and he ended up in the hospital due to this. When he was able to return home, we made the difficult decision to have sitters come during the day to keep his prescriptions straight. We were very unsure of having “strangers” take care of Dad. Our apprehensions were unfounded: the minute Debbie Trammel walked through the door, she became family. Over the years, Dad’s needs increased, ultimately necessitating 24/7 care. Dad loved his sitters dearly, in large part because they went out of their way to please him, including using Mom’s recipes to make his favorite meals. Many times, they would get Dad to go on outings for a change of scenery. His clothes were washed, his house was always kept clean, his mail was organized, doctors’ appointments were made and then they would take him to these appointments, as well as to other appointments that he had. Dad had true friendships with these ladies, and we had peace of mind. When Dad came home from the hospital under hospice care, his sitters were there. They cared for Dad in such a loving way, and treated him in such a dignified manner until the very end.”

-The Campbell Family

Highly Recommend

“Debbie Trammell and the team at Sitters Registry are amazing. We have been extremely pleased with the care our parents have received, as well as how responsive they are to our ever-changing needs. They are proactive, caring, and extremely reliable. We would highly recommend them!”

I Always Knew That My Mother Was In Good Hands

“I just want to thank the registry for helping me through mother’s scary heart attack. I could not have done it with out each one of you. I always knew that Mother was in good hands. I am so thankful for the registry and the sitters that helped mom.”

I Can’t Thank You Enough

“I just want to let you know how much I appreciate all you did to help my dad and me during my mom’s illness. I don’t think I could have made it without your help. Thanks for helping me get through the stressful times! I can’t thank you enough.”