Domestic Care

Our caregivers aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty (well there gloves) in regard to a variety of domestic needs as part of our senior home care services. From light housekeeping to errands we provide an array of services.

    • Laundry and Light Housekeeping
      While we are not a cleaning service, Sitter’s Registry caregivers do launder clothes and bed linens and will ensure the bathrooms and kitchen are kept clean as part of our senior home care services. This light housekeeping assistance helps clients manage daily tasks to ensure a more comfortable living space.


    • Meal Planning and Preparation
      Assistance with meal planning and preparation can be a tremendous help to many clients, and family members appreciate the added reassurance that their loved one has had balanced meals during the day. Meal planning and preparation also complements related home health care services, such as medication reminders, particularly if medication should be taken with meals.


    • Grocery Shopping and Errands
      This service can be very helpful if the client no longer drives or does not feel like getting out to go to the grocery store, drug store, dry cleaner, etc. The sitter can also take the client to the doctor, dentist, hairdresser, and out for similar errands. Assistance with these and other senior living services can help clients maintain their regular activities and schedules.


  • Tailored Services
    Your loved one may require services that aren’t included here and we are happy to discuss those specific needs with you when we meet and develop a plan for your loved one.